This Is The Must Do Disney Holiday Experience at EPCOT

If you are looking for something festive and scrumptious to do this holiday season, then you need to head to EPCOT for the Holiday Cookie Stroll!


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EPCOT Cookie Stroll

When you get to EPCOT pick up your Festival Passport. Passports are located right past the scanners once you enter the park. 

Festival Passport

Inside your passport is all the information you need for the Cookie Stroll! All you need to do next is decide which delectable goodies to try first. 

cookie jar

If you need a great meal before you go on your cookie extravaganza, then check out one of EPCOT’s hidden gems.

Customizing Your Cookies

The best part of the Cookie Stroll is the option to customize it! Let’s say you don’t like gingerbread cookies.. you don’t have to buy that one! 

passport stamps

You can buy 5 of your favorite cookie and that still counts towards your 5 stamps! I love this option provided by Disney.


So where do you need to go to get these delicious cookies?

  • Yukon Holiday KitchenSNICKERS-Doodle Cookie
  • L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen-Black and White Cookie
  • American Holiday Table-Chocolate Crinkle Cookie with DOVE dark chocolate
  • Bavaria Holiday Kitchen-Linzer Cookie
  • Holiday Hearth Desserts-Gingerbread Cookie

The Timeframe

If you feel that all those sweets are too much for one day, you have options. You can buy as many or as little as you like. 

cookie stroll board

You can complete your Cookie Stroll at a leisurely pace. The only stipulation is that you complete the Cookie Stroll during the Festival of the Holidays. 

The Festival lasts from November 26th through December 30th, 2021. So buy them all in one day or one each time you go, that’s up to you!

The Cookies on the Cookie Stroll

First, let me start by saying that you are getting your moneys worth with these cookies. They are MASSIVE! There is cookie to suit everyone. 

The Gingerbread cookie is so adorable. This is the one the kids will love. The cookie itself is soft with a nice contrast of ginger and frosting. So run run as fast as you can to this one.


The Linzer cookie will alway be one of my favorites. I have always been partial to this cookie because I love the jam! This cookie is soft and scrumptious! You can’t go wrong with it.

linzer cookie

The SNICKERS-Doodle cookie will satisfy your sweet tooth. This cookie is topped with crumbled SNICKERS pieces and is very rich.

snickers doodle

The Black and White cookie may not be as visually appealing as the others but it is a great cookie all the same. 

black and white

The Chocolate Crinkle cookie is just chocolatey heaven. I love dark chocolate, but if milk chocolate is your preference then this cookie may not be for you.

chocolate crinkle cookie

The Reward

As if you needed an incentive to try lots of desserts, but you get one! You get a peppermint sundae, chocolate soft serve with whipped cream and peppermint crumbles. 

peppermint sundae

The dessert comes in a festive little Cookie Stroll cup.  Just rinse it and take it home and enjoy it anytime at home.

50th ornament cookie

If that wasn’t enough, you get the cutest 50th Anniversary ornament cookie!

The Cookie Stroll Deal

Lets face it, Disney is not always the cheapest place to be but this offering is one of the best deals at the happiest place on earth. The Cookie Stroll costs $12.50 and you get 6 cookies and an ice cream in a Cookie Stroll souvenir cup. 

the reward

That’s a great deal for Disney! So be sure to take advantage of some sweet deals when you visit EPCOT during the Festival of the Holidays. 

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