Find Out What You’ve Been Missing at EPCOT! Teppan Edo, the Japanese Culinary Experience.

Deep inside the hustle and bustle of Disney’s Epcot World Showcase, is a hidden dining experience like no other Disney has to offer. Teppan Edo takes the Japanese experience to a whole new level.

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Teppan Edo

You may need to look closely to find it, as the restaurant is tucked away atop of a massive flight of stairs. Teppan Edo is open daily from 12 to 9. Teppan Edo has offerings for lunch as well as dinner. 


The decor is breathtaking with its modern architecture and bold colors. The front dining area is a wall of windows. You get the beautiful view of EPCOT from your table.

view of EPCOT

As you walk through the long corridor you get views of zen gardens, streams, and bridges. The serene views of Disney’s Japan. You also get to see traditional Japanese artwork that adorns the walls of Teppan Edo.


Next, you take your seat at your table. They offer plastic dividers as a covid safety precaution.


The table is a row of seats facing the main grill where your Teppan Chef will work his magic. You are offered chopsticks or regular utensils if you don’t know how to use chopsticks. 

Kids Extras

They made kid friendly chopsticks for my children which they LOVED and had to bring home. If your children like coloring, they offer Frozen 2 coloring books to keep the kids busy until your chef arrives.

kids coloring book

After the meal take the kids over to EPCOT’s newest ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure for more fun!

The Menu

Teppan Edo offers a variety of choices, even on their lunch menu. I opted for the spicy calamari. You can also have sushi with any meal. 

sushi area

For the Entree, I chose the Nihonbashi. Nihonbashi is steak and chicken, garden salad, udon noodles, vegetables, and white rice. 


Once you order your food you have a short wait and you are brought your salad. Then, your chef comes with all the ingredients needed to prepare your meal at the table. 

The Teppan Edo Chefs

This is where the fun begins! The chefs are amazingly talented and are able to whirl and twirl their cooking utensils. They spin and flip them and are very friendly and ours was pretty comical!

the chef

Kento, our chef, started off the meal with a visit from a very special guest… Mickey Mouse! No, the actual Mickey Mouse was not there but our chef was able to craft one out of oil on the grill, it was very cool. He also made us Minnie too!


Then it was on to food! He first got started with the vegetables, carrots, onions, and zucchini and the spicy calamari I ordered. 

tokyo dining

He made an onion volcano for us! The kids loved seeing him stack the pieces of onion and all the steam that came from the volcano. 

The food

The spicy calamari was definitely my favorite part of the meal, it was delicious! Just the right amount of sweet and spice, it went really well with the rice.


Once the appetizers were served, he moved on the entrees. A lot of razzle dazzle, twirls and flips later it was time to eat!


The steak and chicken was wonderful and was served alongside vegetables and udon noodles which gave it the nice contrast of soft and crunch. You also are given dipping sauces that compliment each part of your meal. 

kids meals

My children ordered the kids steak which is not on the menu but is still offered for those who have kids like mine! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals. 

match dessert

Finally it was time for dessert! Teppan Edo offers Mango Mousse Cake, Chocolate Ginger Cake, Matcha Tiramisu, or soft serve ice cream. I opted for the Matcha Tiramisu and the presentation was on point! I really enjoyed the fact it was a light dessert and not overwhelmingly sweet.  


The staff was so very thoughtful and created super cute origami Mickeys for my kids! I was also great to see the staff in traditional Japanese dress. 


Teppan Edo is a great place to experience some unique magic inside Disney. The food, the entertainment, and the atmosphere does not disappoint. 

origami mickey

So make your reservation today for Teppan Edo, where you can get a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine with a presentation that is out of this world!


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