Top 3 Foods from Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Going to Epcot Food and Wine Festival but you don’t have the budget to try every single thing there, right? Let me help you out.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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Epcot Food and Wine Festival Top 3 Foods

So you are going to Epcot Food and Wine Festival and all the foods sound soo good, but you don’t have the budget to try every single thing there, right? Let me help you out. 

I’ve tried them and I am here to save you some time and money and let you in on the scoop… my top 3 favs from this years festival!

See what you what stands are closed until October 1st for the 50th Anniversary!

Epcot Food and Wine

Chicken Wings

So let’s get down to it with number 1. Conveniently located at the Epcot Experience is Brew-Wing and I bet you can guess what’s on the menu…WINGS, yes, you guessed it!

Now as a wife to a Buffalonian I have had my fair share of wings, lots of really bad wings and just a handful of good ones. This spot has the goods! We had the traditional Buffalo wings and they hit the spot with just enough spice. 

Epcot Chicken Wings

The serving came with 5 wings, which were a combination of flats and drums. You also get celery and Ranch along with the wings, but you can also have blue cheese if you prefer (like my husband). He says wings HAVE to be served with blue cheese!

The Buffalo wings are not hot, but more of a medium level hotness, which is just where I like them! And they are good and saucy. So if you like wings (I think everyone I have ever met does) this will be on your favorites list too!

Crispy Fried Pepper Shrimp

On to number 2. China has my heart, every year they make my top list, it’s always just so good! So I got the crispy-fried pepper shrimp with spicy Sichuan noodles. A-MAZ-ING! 

The savory shrimp and the sweet and spicy noodles…perfection. You can even enjoy this treat with the traditional chopsticks! The kids will love trying and for mine, not succeeding!

Epcot Noodles

If by this point you are getting parched you can pair your Chinese entree with some refreshing mango bubble milk tea. Bubble tea is the best!

Three-bean Chili at Epcot Food and Wine

And we are down to our final contestant. Now resist your urge to be put off by the words “Impossible” or “Earth Eats” for all my meat eaters because I am with you, I LOVE meat. 

So trust me when I tell you, GO TO THIS STAND! Get the Impossible Three-bean Chili! It is so good, so hearty, and what is a good chili without some Fritos, cheese, sour cream, and green onion? The smell is just heavenly!

Epcot Chili

The added bonus is that the chili is plant based and gluten free! Yes, all that flavor with some added perks too!

Epcot Festival

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Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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