A Peek Inside the Newest Disney Ride, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and What to Know Before You Go!

Everyone is always waiting for Disney’s next new ride. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is that new ride, and the wait is officially over! The ride is NOW OPEN to the general public. 

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Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

The wait will still be a very real possibility, for those wishing to get their seat on the newest Disney attraction.

Plant Remy

If your looking for more fun with your little chef while in EPCOT try Remy’s Hide and Squeak!

Remy entrance

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is subject to a virtual queue. If you have had the pleasure of boarding Disney’s Rise of the Resistance then you may be privy to the virtual queue process. 

Virtual Queue for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

The virtual queue is basically a first come first serve online ticket system. During the first days of Rise of the Resistance, you had to physically be in the park to be able to access the queue system. 

Remy gear

If you were in the park and accessed the app right at the minute the queue went live, your chances were still slim that you would be able to snag a boarding pass for the ride.

Remy mouse platter

Things have changed since the first days of rise of the resistance and now you are able to access the queue without having to be at the park but, you do have to have a reservation for the corresponding park. 

Remy jacket

The virtual queue will probably be just as hard to snag a seat as Rise of the Resistance since the queue will be limited and subject to availability. There will be no standby queue.

Location of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is in EPCOT. The Paris Pavillon of the World Showcase is of course where our favorite little chef is! 

Remy ears

Anyone can cook and anyone can ride on this family friendly adventure! So bring your little chefs along for the fun. 

Welcome Remy

Make your way through Paris past the La Creperie de Paris and past the mouse fountain and you will see Gustea’s. A winding path inside will lead you past Gustea himself.

The Technology

The ride is a 4d adventure so you will need the proper eyewear (3D glasses) for the ride. Finally your transformation into a mouse begins!

You board your mouse and with Gustea as your guide, you are ready for the adventure.

3D glasses

Remy’s Ratatuoullie Adventure uses the same trackless technology that is seen on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Rise of the Resistance

The Ride

Remy is trying to decide what delectable dish to prepare, as your looking through the windows into the kitchen. All of the sudden, you all fall into the kitchen full of humans!


You scurry through the kitchen under carts and past feet.  You have to dodge food, all the while trying not to be seen. Your favorite human friend, Linguini is there to help you along to way.


Next, you pass through the food storage area. Passing by enormous pieces of food like hot dogs, vegetables, fish, cakes. 

Giant food

You feel that water as you come face to face with a mop. You get to feel the heat as you scurry near the stove. 

Linguini helping

Then, you’re on your way through the kitchen and into the dining room. Anton Ego is the least of your worries as Skinner spots you! 

mice cooking

Linguini to the rescue as you run through the dining room. He leads you to the floor grates and tells you to GO! You pass through the passage ways that only a mouse can fit into. 

through the grates

Skinner BUSTS through the wall trying to capture you! The only thing he manages to capture is a mouse trap (haha take that). 

Remy in the kitchen

Scurry into the kitchen and now the mice have taken over the cooking. Passing by the delicious smells of the wonderful concoctions the mice have created and BOOM! 

Kitchen tour

You get blasted out of the kitchen by the cork of a bottle of bubbly champagne. 

Remy picnic

Finally, you reach Remy, Emile, and all the mouse gang for a wonderful furry family meal! They have invited you into the mouse gang and are celebrating with a feast only a little chef could create. 

Remy family

It is hard to snag a bite with Emile enormous appetite getting in the way. Good thing you have an open invitation to return anytime!

The Tastes of Paris

Your time as a mouse has come to an end but you can still enjoy the magic or Paris with some food from Le Creperie de Paris. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with some I cream from L’Artisan des Glaces. 


Create Your own Ratatouille

Be sure to channel the little chef in you and create your own homemade Ratatouille with the recipe straight from Disney! Anyone can cook and anyone can enjoy a day in Paris with their favorite chef Remy!

Ratatouille Recipe

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