Gideons Bakehouse Always Has an Enormous Wait…Is It Worth It?

If you arrive at Disney Springs right at opening time, you might already be too late! Gideons Bakehouse is the new HOT spot, is it worth it?


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Gideons Bakehouse at Disney Springs

If you arrive at Disney Springs right at opening time… you might already be too late! Gideon’s Bakehouse is the new HOT spot for sweet lovers from around the world. People are showing up in droves to get the sweet fix of the day.


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So everyone wants to know what all the hype about? Does it live up to its reputation? My family arrived at Disney Springs right at opening.

We found our parking spot and casually strolled along at the leisurely pace over to Gideons Bakehouse, BIG MISTAKE! If you are on a timeframe or time-crunch then you need to RUN over to Gideons. Speed is key to securing a spot in line for a timely visit.

virtual queue

I was amazed that by the time we parked and walked over to the bakehouse, we were only in time to make it into the que. It was an approximate 2 1/2 hour return time. 

See the Sights

Lucky for my family, and I assume most people visiting Disney Springs, we were not in a hurry. We were ready to spend some time shopping and seeing the sights.

exterior signage

There are so many places to shop and things to see at Disney Springs. You can almost dedicate a whole day to a trip here.

Return Time

True to the timeframe quoted, we received a text that we were up. We scurried on over to the bakehouse. When your place in line is ready you have to wait AGAIN. It is an approximate 5-10 minute line before you are able to enter Gideons. 

The Ambiance

Gideons is unmistakably cool, from the exterior to the interior. The bakehouse reminds me of something out of the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. It has a dark gothic ambiance and huge intimidating doors.


As the exterior states, “rare books, antiques, and curiosities”. As soon as you walk in, you can compare it to walking into a crypt its soo dark!

front door

You may have to adjust your eyes to the fast switch from the bright Florida sun, to the drastically dark interior of Gideons. Once your eyes have adjusted, you see the unique decor of Gideons.

inside pictures

The walls are adorned in unique artwork of black and white cartoon portraits of people with completely white or black eyes and skeleton mouths. Bookshelves surround the interior with many antique-looking books. Gideons has containers that look like they may be filled with Sally’s deadly nightshade.


Gargoyles can also be seen throughout the decor. At the checkout be careful, fire flames rising from the countertops may scorch you! Real flames are not used, and no persons were injured during this review. Gideon’s has a cleaver way of announcing its policies and prices… by making them art on the walls!

Allergy Information

Anyone with allergies to gluten, eggs, dairy, wheat, or nuts beware! Gideons clearly states that the food is prepared in kitchens that include all these items.

allergy information

Daily Limit

There is a 6 cookie limit per person and a 2 item limit for limited edition menu items. Gideon’s cakes and cookies are made 100% percent from scratch by hand. The recipe took 15 years to perfect, according to the bakehouse.


The heavenly smells that permeate room undoubtedly can make anyone’s mouth water, but figuring out which treats to choose is the hardest part!


You are able to see a display of each kind of cookie that is available that day under the glass countertop. It is amazingly cool when you can see the amount of ingredients that are in each massive cookie right under your arm.

Cakes at Gideons Bakehouse

The cakes are also on display in a big glass display where you can the see size and intricate beauty in the each whole cake, as well as the inside because each cake has slices shown on display as well and they are massive slices!

red velvet cake

The availability of the cake choices change on a daily basis and today they had red velvet, chocolate mint, and peanut butter banana. Please do not underestimate the portion sizes, because a little goes a long way at Gideons!

chocolate cake

Cookies at Gideons Bakehouse

On the cookie menu was chocolate chip, peanut butter crunch, pistachio toffee, cookies & cream, triple chocolate, Limited Edition peanut butter espresso, and Morning Exclusive coffee cake cookie. We decided to opt for the original chocolate chip and coffee cake cookie.

cookie display

The coffee cake cookie is a little slice of heaven! It is so amazingly buttery, almost reminiscent of a cinnamon roll or snickerdoodle. It has a cinnamon inner layer, very much worth the visit for that cookie itself. The cookies are so massive that the one cookie is enough to satisfy my family of four on its own.

coffee cake cookie

The original chocolate chip was wonderful as well but honestly didn’t hold a candle to the coffee cake cookie! Delicious! Magnifico! Gideons also had enormous cake slices available for purchase.

Gideons cookie


If all those sweets don’t do the trick for you, or you are in need of the liquid libation, then do indulge in Gideon’s cold brews on tap. The bakehouse offers peanut butter iced coffee, ginger snap cold brew, classic white cold brew.


All coffees are made with oatmilk and vegan locally roasted beans. If coffee isn’t your thing… then try Gideon’s Blue Sky sodas, Coca-Cola products, chocolate milk, or water. Gideons is definitely a fully immersive sensory experience that will overtake your eyes as well as your tastebuds.


It is a fun and unique place that is worth the wait to see the curiosities inside. You will only be inside for the time it takes to order and retrieve your scrumptious snacks because there is no inside seating.

If waiting isn’t your strong suit then you may want to wait until the new has worn off a little. More than likely if you come to Disney Springs just for Gideons, or think you can just pop in really quick and snag a cookie, you will probably have a rude awakening in the form of a long wait time. 

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