Get Rewarded for Trying Food at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival with Emiles Fromage Montage!

Who doesn’t love sampling gourmet food from around the world? I know I do! With Emiles Fromage Montage you get rewarded for what we love to do best, EATING!

reward dessert

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Emiles Fromage Montage Rewards You for Trying Food

This deal is like a buy five get one free, and you are going to Epcot to try all the things anyway so why not get free treats along the way, RIGHT? Check out my top 3 recommendations at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival!

Festival Passport

As soon as you enter, grab your festival passport (located on the stands right inside the main entrance gate) and flip all the way to the last page! That’s right, Emiles Fromage Montage is what we are looking for. 

fromage montage sign

If you have the littles in tow, then have them grab the passport so they can feel like they are leading the expedition. My son loves grabbing the maps, passports, and those sorts of things so he can (sort of) lead the adventure.

Get Stamped for Emiles Fromage Montage

Now as you purchase each food in the passport, be sure that each location provides you with a stamp in one of the blank spaces on the very last page of your passport (the stamping circles look like holes in cheese on the last page, one circle for each food and an extra for your free prize)!

festival passport

There are five foods on Emile’s list that he is dying for you to try in order to get his sweet reward. The foods are ordered from 1 to 5 but are not necessarily in the order you encounter them on your trip around the world. 

We entered Epcot and went past Test Track first, so I will list them in the order we found them, going in that direction (we turned to the left once we hit the world showcase). 

Corned Beef

First up, The Corned Beef Corner Route from Flavors from Fire near Test Track. Wow, wow, wow smoked corned beef with crispy potatoes, cheese curds, pickled onions, and beer-cheese fondue.

flavors from fire

I was first surprised at the portion size of this one, it is BIG! Best of all it is delicious! It was definitely one of my favs. It tasted similar to a poutine with its cheese curds and went oh so well with the crunch of the potato chips and who doesn’t love the meats?

corned beef

The corned beef was excellent and the pickled onions just added the last final touches to the flavor finale! It was a great way to start our eating endeavor.

Pork Rinds

Next up, we hit up The Swanky Saucy Swine for some Crispy Barbecue Pork Rinds. If you’re like me, anything with the word pork in it, is a definite go. These pork rinds are extra crispy and go great with the pimento cheese dip that comes along with it. 

pork rinds


Then, we made our way to Germany where we found the Schinkennudeln. Now this food was reminiscent of a breakfast quiche for me. It is pasta gratin with ham, onions, and cheese and was a fan favorite of my two very picky children.

Germany sign

Anytime they eat something that is not mac & cheese and pizza is a win in my book! 


Griddled Cheese

Then it was off to Greece for the Griddle Cheese. I love cheese, on everything, this cheese was good but it was not the flavor I was expecting to say the least. It is a cheese with pistachios and honey.


I tend to like my cheese more savory than sweet, and this particular entree reminded me of a brie cheese. If a sweeter cheese is your thing, then you will love this one!

griddled cheese

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Last but not least, was the Passion Fruit Cheesecake from Hawai’i. It is a cheesecake with passion fruit topping with macadamia nuts and man is it good! The cheesecake with the tart flavor of the passion fruit and the crunch of the nuts is scrumptious and it truly tastes like it came right from the island.

passion fruit cheesecake

Your Reward from Emiles Fromage Montage

You will not be leaving Epcot without your sweet tooth being satisfied because with Emiles Fromage Montage you get not one, but TWO desserts one of which is free, SCORE!

Once you leave Hawai’i make your way to Shimmering Sips hosted by Corkcicle for your FREE reward. If you don’t want a spoiler then please stop reading now!

Free dessert

You get a cup of strawberry and vanilla soft serve with delicious cheesecake crumbles in a super cute souvenir cup! It is a stemless wine cup that features Emile himself with his favorite snack, CHEESE!

When you participate in the Fromage Montage your get more bang for your buck and you will not leave hungry, in fact you may have to undo the top button on your shorts for the ride home but it will be well worth it. CHEERS!

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reward dessert

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