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Enjoy M&M Madness at Disney Springs!

Who doesn’t love the milk chocolatey goodness of an M&M? Now you can enjoy your favorite treat at the most magical place on Earth!

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The M&M Store

The Mars Retail Group has closed their M&M store at the Florida Mall to opt for prime location at Disney Springs. Another beloved business, Gideons Bakehouse has opened a location at Disney Springs…check out my post to find out if it is worth the wait!

Store Exterior

First, you can’t miss the giant red M&M above the door, the yellow swirl of color, and your favorite M&M characters Red and Yellow outside for the perfect photo opt. The M&M store is located conveniently near Splitsville and Cirque Du Soleil. 



First, when you enter, you get a friendly reminder from Red and Yellow that face masks are required and there is a sanitizing dispenser for convenience. Then, be prepared for the color explosion!


Each corner and crevice is jam-packed with color. In true Disney fashion, you have to have Mickey gear so M&M store is no exception.

champagne m&ms

The store has Mickey and Minnie shaped candy containers that have multicolored classic M&Ms inside that even have little Mickeys and Minnies printed on them! SO CUTE!

Also, they have mugs with Red and Yellow wearing their Mickey ears on them.


You need throw pillows that have the Mickey silhouette alongside of M&M candy pieces? They have them, along with adorable Disney Springs champagne bottles that contain M&Ms.

Character Apparel

What is a store without the Merch? This store has apparel dedicated to each M&M character, sassy and sweet.

Character shirts

You have anxious Orange whose shirts say, “Please don’t make me do stuff.” Green says, “You may call me queen bee.” Along with shirts for Red, Yellow, Blue, and Brown.

Each character also has it’s own color coded mugs, tumblers, and candy containers as well!

Green shirt

M&M Stacks

After the character apparel you make you way to the rainbow wall. The rainbow wall is made from stackable M&M containers that contain color-similar M&Ms that would look elegant alongside any home decor and Stacks with multicolored candies.


You pick the color that matches your style or create your own rainbow wall in your own home! Also, you can use their heart rainbow wall as inspiration.

No matter what the occasion, the Disney Springs M&M store has you covered!

M&M Personalization

You can personalize your own M&Ms in store. Will you marry me? Congratulations! I love you. I miss you. Happy Birthday! Or even your own face.

personalize m&ms

Whatever is on your mind you can make come to life in this store, and you can even personalize your own container for your one-of-a-kind treats.

The store has champagne bottles, heart boxes, bags with gift tubes, and even Stacks with gift tubes. 

M&M Explore

Clothes For All The Family

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes! Obviously the store has such a wide variety of clothes and wearables.


They have onesies, hats, hoodies, pajamas, denim jackets, socks, purses, lanyards, little M&M shaped backpacks, as well as M&M hair bows! Love it!

M&M Housewares

The store even has a section for your favorite chef. You can have your own M&M fine china.

Then have whisks, measuring cups, silicone baking cups, character spoons, and cookie cutters so your collection will be complete!


M&M Wall

The main event is located in back. Feast your eyes on the floor to ceiling M&M wall! The sight alone is so satisfying to the eyes, but how will YOU choose which to buy?

rainbow wall

You can choose classic milk chocolate, peanut, or more adventurous flavors. So grab a pre-priced cup size or a pay by weight bag and get started!!

mix it up

Personally, I had to try the out-of-the-box flavors like dark chocolate peanut, almond, key lime pie (you get a flavor surprise with this one if it is randomly mixed in your cup), brownie, crisp, mint, pretzel, peanut butter, and my surprise favorite English Toffee peanut!


You may be the type to only want red M&Ms, on the other hand you may want every type of peanut M&Ms.

Conversely, your kids may be drawn into the mesmerizing colors of the mermaid, ocean, rainbow, unicorn, Mickey, Minnie, or the character mixes.

key lime

Whatever your choose you can’t go wrong! If choosing between so many different candies is a problem, then you can go with the many pre-filled fun shaped candy containers around the store.

M&M Dispensers

Finally, don’t forget to stop and pick out your dispenser! You can go with anything from classy to wacky!


Obviously the Stacks are the classy, but you can have some fun with the slot machine dispenser, Statue of Liberty dispenser, or the Red and Yellow roller coaster dispenser. 

space m&m

Please, please, don’t forget the best part of your magical M&M madness… oh the wonderful eating! YUM!!

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